General Information

  Artist Submission

Art Graduate Portfolio will be published in June 2008. After the submission period ends, the selection process will be juried by art gallery and museum directors as well as the magazine's editors. Of those selected, we will choose an elite group to include in a special focus section. One artist's work will be chosen for the cover. (All artists featured in Art Graduate Portfolio will receive five complimentary copies of the magazine.) At this time, we cannot say exactly how many artists will be chosen; this number will be based on the quantity and quality of submissions. Please visit our Submission Instructions page for further details.

  Receiving a Copy

In order to spread awareness of new artists, we are offering Art Graduate Portfolio free-of-charge to all interested galleries, museums, and art schools. Each institution may receive one free copy. For unaffiliated individuals or institutions seeking additional copies, Art Graduate Portfolio is also available for purchase. For more information, please visit our Request A Copy page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Art Graduate Portfolio?

Art Graduate Portfolio is a once-a-year, full color, 8" x 11" publication that features talented young artists who have recently graduated from college. Beginning with the summer of 2008, each year we will highlight key new artists from across the United States by including their work as well as a profile in a one or two page spread. Portfolio offers artists the opportunity to reach the nearly 2,000 galleries that will receive it. ChromaView, Inc. publishes Art Graduate Portfolio, in addition to other art magazines.

   I am an artist. How can I get my work included?

Artists must first submit their artwork (up to 3 images) to us, along with the $95 fee ($75, if you submit before April 30). In mid-May, the editors will evaluate the submission and choose finalists. From this group, a jury (composed of gallery and museum directors) will then choose the artists that will appear in the Portfolio. Since quantity and quality varies by year, we cannot give any statistics on what percentage of submissions are accepted. We encourage every artist to submit their work, as we accept diverse styles. For those whose work is not selected, we may also offer an opportunity to reach a portion of our audience for a larger fee. The deadline for submissions is May 16, 2008.

   Who is eligible to submit?

Any artist who has graduated from an United States art program in 2005 or later (or will graduate by August 2008) may submit their work. We do not accept work from any art students who graduate after August 2008. We may also consider a few individuals with unique circumstances: If you do not fit in these categories and are still under the age of 30, please email us with a brief personal statement.

   What art media are included?

We primarily accept painting, sculpture, and photography submissions. (Paintings may be of any material, on any surface. Sculptures may be composed of any reasonable material. Photographs may be black and white or color.) If your work does not fit into these categories, please visit our Other Media page. For any other questions, please email us.

  Who receives Art Graduate Portfolio?

Each issue will be mailed to nearly 2,000 galleries across the country. In addition, we offer the publication to any museums or art schools that request it. Private collectors may purchase copies from this website. In Fall 2008, we also plan to make Art Graduate Portfolio's 2008 edition available at a number of bookstores.

   I am gallery/museum/art program director. How do I ensure that I receive a copy?

A single complimentary copy will be provided to each interested gallery, museum, and art school. To ensure that you are included on our mailing list, please visit our Request A Copy page.

   I am private art collector or artist? How can I receive a copy?

To purchase a copy, please visit our Request A Copy page. (Free copies are only available to galleries, museums, and art schools.)

   Other questions?

Please email us at