Submission Instructions

In submitting your art, you must pay a $75 submission fee. Artists may submit via post or e-mail.

By Post
  • Up to three slides* OR prints(8'' x 11" or smaller) of your work. Please do not submit more than three.
  • $75 submission fee (check or credit card).  Fee increases to $95 in May.
  • You may pay the fee online (click "Pay Now" below) and include the receipt number on submission form.
  • Please print out this submission form and return with your art to the below address.

Mail To:  Art Graduate Portfolio
                    P.O. Box 30116
                Bethesda, MD 20824

*We will not return slides, unless you include a self-addressed enveloped with sufficient postage.

By E-Mail/Online
  • To submit this way, you must pay by credit/debit card.
  • To pay the submission fee online, please click on the "Pay Now" button below.
  • Once you receive confirmation of your payment by email, please note the 16-digit receipt number.
  • Please copy this receipt number into the subject line of a new email.
  • In the email, attach up to three low-resolution images. No more than 7MB total please.
  • Please click here for our email template. Paste this template into your email and fill out all information.
  • Email to:
Note: Submissions emailed to us without a receipt number will not be accepted.

Payments are made securely, and all credit/debit cards are accepted. No PayPal account is necessary.

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